High-performance cement and bitumen-based products with Instarmac

Instarmac is a multi-award-winning and market-leading company that has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and performing materials. A specialist in the manufacture and distribution of cement and bitumen-based products, Instarmac is committed to developing innovative and quality materials that deliver long-lasting results for road maintenance projects, large-scale paving schemes, tiling, commercial flooring and more.

Instarmac is known for thoroughly testing each product to ensure it provides a first-time, permanent repair. All of its products meet road safety standards and are HAPAS approved to ensure they deliver durable and successful solutions for the road network industry. The reputable manufacturer and distributor are also dedicated to supporting sustainability and developing environmentally-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Innovative materials for construction and highway maintenance

At Ultra Products, we’re proud to stock an extensive range of UltraScape and UltraCrete products by Instarmac. For example, UltraCrete is a leading highway maintenance solution that provides permanent patching materials, fast setting repair mortars and ironwork installation systems for the road network industry. On the other hand, UltraScape delivers specialist materials that work alongside all stone manufacturers and enable the industry to bed, prime and joint concrete projects.

High specification concretes

Instarmac provides some of the strongest self-compacting concrete mixes on the market. Developed for construction sites and road networks, the high specification concretes have high ultimate strength, making them durable and reliable to use in heavy-duty projects with large structures and foundations.

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Market-leading specialist in concrete materials

UltraCrete is the leading highway maintenance solution that’s trusted by the UK’s road network. Developed for the highway sector by Instarmac, the wide range of UltraCrete products are designed to support the road network industry by fixing potholes, and repairing surfacing instantly while causing minimal disruption. Our range of UltraCrete products includes instant road repair, bedding mortars, precision grouts and more.

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High-quality paving installation system

Manufactured by Instarmac, UltraScape provides the industry with a high-quality paving installation. Trusted by contractors, architects and engineers across the country, UltraScape high specification bedding, priming and jointing materials, are proven to be compatible with all stone manufacturers and deliver consistent and durable results the first time.

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Environmentally-friendly solutions

Instarmac also provides environmental solutions for customers to help them meet their sustainability targets. Committed to re-evaluating and reducing the environmental impact it has, Instarmac has been working hard to produce UltraScape and UltraCrete alternatives that are environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or performance.

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Browse our wide range of road surfacing materials, high specification concretes and UltraScape products. As the UK’s only dedicated UltraCrete and UltraScape products, we have extensive knowledge of Instarmac’s products and can advise and recommend on the most suitable solutions for your project. Get in touch with our team who can help with your construction needs.

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